mardi 4 décembre 2012

Appolonia's Valentine by Katherine Milhous, 1954.

Hi ! Everybody ! :)
I just moved to a new apartment that's why i didn't put books during those last weeks, all my books were packed, i was lost !!! :D
So, I'm back and i got a new office where i can store more books than ever before !!! :D
Today i choose this lovely book illustrated by Katherine Milhous in 1954.
I really love decorative illustration and i think this book is very inspirational.
What do you think about it ? :)

jeudi 18 octobre 2012

New items on my Etsy Shop !!! :)

Two very cute games for your children are for sale on my Etsy Shop !! :)
Clowns Domino Puzzle :
The lovely puzzle designed by Nina Morel :
Enjoy !!! :)

vendredi 12 octobre 2012

Den Store Quillow illustrated by Olle Eksell, 1949 !!!

I LOVE this book !!!
I'm a great admirer of Olle Eksell !!! ( Just like you i know that !!! )
I love the way he composed his pictures... It's just STUNNING...
Actually i can say it's perfect !!!
I have not been able to put all the pictures of this book because my copy is very fragile and it's very difficult to handle it without damaged it !!!
E N J O Y !!! :)

La vie enchantée illustrated by Michel Bouchaud, 1947.


A wonderful book edited by Les Editions Du Seuil A Paris and illustrated by the talented illustrator Michel Buchaud !!! 
Enjoy !!!