mercredi 11 décembre 2013

Ice Cream, written by S. Marshak and illustrated by V.Lebedev.

My stepfather told me this story and i really liked it.
It's about a big man who wants to eat ice creams.
He buys an ice cream to the vendor and he buys a second, a third etc...and finally, he eats it all but he's always hungry!!!
The merchant hasn't ice creams anymore so he calls all his colleagues to feed this strange big man.
The big man eats, eats, eats and more he eats ice creams, more he gets cold !!!
At the end, he ate so much ice creams that he turns into a snowman and it's so cold that the kids can ski ! :)

Circus " Tsirkus" by S. Marshak illustrated by V.Lebedev

While waiting to find the original copy ( very rare and very expensive ) from the 20's, i bought an Estonian version of this stunning book illustrated by one of my favorite illustrator : Vladimir Lebedev.
I have some very interesting Russians articles about Vladimir Lebedev and Samuil Marshak that i have to translate and post on the blog !
In the meantime... 
Enjoy !!! :)

vendredi 6 septembre 2013

Binioulec by Robert Le Pajolec, part 2 ! :)

This book is one of the first books i posted on My Vintage Avenue 2 years ago but i don't know why, i didn't put all the pictures : A crime... yes, it's a crime i know that's why i'll try to redeem myself !!!!!! :)
I love this book but i have it twice so you could be the lucky buyer of this wonderful book illustrated by Robert Le Pajolec in 1962 !!!
Unfortunately, i know of no other books by this illustrator...

ENJOY !!! :)

mercredi 17 juillet 2013

Lovely card illustrated by Auriac !!! :)

So lovely !!! :)
I just found this card in my mess, i bought it few month ago and i didn't remember i got it !!!
Shame on me !!! I will put it on my wall !!!

vendredi 12 juillet 2013

Découpages, papercuts by Pierre Belvès, 1947.

Pierre Belvès is a French illustrator who has illustrated some fifty books for Flammarion from the 40's.
I really like his choice of colors and the simplicity of his beautiful collages.
He also illustrated WONDERFUL books inspired by the Europeen folk costumes that i hope to show you one day !!! :)

Karel en mienet written by Mariejte Witteveen and illustrated by Eddy Dukkers, circa 1950.

Karel en mienet is one of my favorite illustrated book. I'm still looking for Karel en mienet 2, if you have it and...