dimanche 31 juillet 2011

French Advertising From The 1950s

I really enjoy this vintage poster !!! =)
The drawing is soooo cute !!!
Badoit is a brand of French sparkling water.
If you're interested by this item you can purchase it on Etsy here :


samedi 30 juillet 2011

Une voiture m'a raconté written and illustrated by Alain grée.

Alain Grée is a fantastic illustrator. Its rich color palette always impresses me.
it's good to see that he influences many illustrators of today which I am one.
His drawings are always lovely, I'm very appreciative because I don't know if you knew that but Alain Gree lives on a sailboat !!!
Can you imagine???? This book was drawn on his boat where he lives with his wife ! What a life ! The sea is his passion.

Don't worry !!! His biography is coming soon ! :)
I first wanted to tell you about The Provensens because Alain Grée was influenced by Alice and Martin! Yes, he is :)

Enjoy these photos and if you're interested by this book, you can buy it on Etsy here :


Binioulec By Robert Le Pajolec, 1962 !!!

Binioulec is a wonderful book illustrated by Robert Le Pajolec. I don't know other books by this illustrator and it's a shame because he has a very interesting universe. The illustrations are very colorful, the graphics are typical from the 50s/60s but he has a personal touch, this book has something really original, he uses a combination of photos and drawings sometimes ! I scanned other pages so if you are interested to see them, let me know !!! 
it will be the most beautiful effect in your library !!! :)

dimanche 24 juillet 2011

Alice and Martin Provensen !!!

I think The Provensens are my favorite illustrators.
I can't deny it, I'm totally a fan :D
I hope one day I will have the full collection !!!
This is the most complementary duo I've ever seen, I often wonder what was their way of working...
There are so many similarities between Alice and Martin Provensen ... Every reason to believe they were made for each other...

Indeed, they were both born in Chicago, (Illinois.) Alice was born on August 14, 1918 and Martin on July 10, 1916. They both moved to California when they had 12 years
old. They both received a scholarship for The Art Institute Of Chicago, frequented the University of California, but on separate campuses. After graduation, Alice went to
work at Walter Lantz Studio (Woody Woodpecker's creator), while Martin worked with his rival Walt Disney Studio, where he collaborated on Dumbo, Pinocchio and

Our dream team will end up meeting in 1943 when Martin will finally integrate the Walter Lantz Studio. They get married a year later and then they moved to Washington
where they worked on projects related to the war.
Once the war ended, they leave for New York where a friend helped them to find their first job, that's how they illustrated the Fire Side Book of Folk Songs. It's the beginning
of a great and wonderful collaboration.
In 1952, Martin created the character of Tony the Tiger, the mascot of Kellogg's.
Following that, they illustrated several "Little Golden Books" such as "The Color Kittens" or "Old Mother Goose and Other Nursery Rhymes" or "The Little Fat Policeman"…
During those years, The Provensens wrote and illustrated more than fifty books, received several awards such as The Caldecott Honor Medal and have been on The New
York Times list of the Ten Best Illustrated Books eight times.

After the death of Martin in 1987, Alice went on to publish but she confided : "In reality, Martin and i were one single artist."

mardi 12 juillet 2011

Vintage Russian Book !!!

I am very attached to this book, it's old and it's not in good condition but it's a part of my little treasures !!! I have to handle it with care but it's always a pleasure to watch it !!! =)

lundi 11 juillet 2011

"Mes Premiers Mots" illustrated by J-P Miller !!!

This is a beautiful book illustrated by J-P Miller and I have good news for you... 
I have two copies !!! 
It means that it will be for sale on Etsy this week !!! :)
In the meantime, here are some pictures...

samedi 2 juillet 2011

This Is The House Where Jack Lives Illustrated By Aliki !!!

This is the house where Jack lives by Joan Heilbroner, illustrated by Aliki

Aliki Liacouras Branderberg was born on September 3, 1929 in Wildhwood Crest (New Jersey). She’s an author and an illustrator of children’s books. Her parents were originally from Greece and taught her to speak Greek as a first language. Aliki spent her childhood in Philadelphia where she showed interest in drawing, so her parents enrolled her in art classes. All through school, she drew constantly and attended the Philadelphia Museum College Of Art after High School.
In 1951, Aliki was graduated from The Philadelphia Museum School Of Art and spent a year in New-York City working in display department of the J.C Penney Company.
Following this experience, she moved back to Philadelphia where she worked as a freelance artist in advertising art and display, painted murals, had a greeting card company and taught art ans ceramics .
In 1956, she went abroad, sketching and painting, especially in Greece and in Italy and continued her trip through Europe. This will have a great impact, she met Franz in Switzerland with whom she married a year later and with whom she had three children. The two settled down in Switzerland and Aliki wrote her first book about a Swiss legendary : the Story of William Tell.
Aliki and her husband moved to New York where she has illustrated books she wrote but also books of other authors, including her husband. Although she has illustrated books on many subjects, her Greek heritage is also a recurring theme in her works.
Since 1977, Aliki and her family reside in London where she continues to write and illustrate children's books. She remains popular among preschool and grade school readers and in 1991,was honored with the with the Pennsylvania School Librarians’ Association Award.

Karel en mienet written by Mariejte Witteveen and illustrated by Eddy Dukkers, circa 1950.

Karel en mienet is one of my favorite illustrated book. I'm still looking for Karel en mienet 2, if you have it and...