lundi 14 mai 2012

50's Cookbooks are often dotted with adorable illustrations.
Here are a few i scanned especially for you !
Those pictures are from a French cooking magazine called " Les carnets de Françoise Bertrand".
The name of the illustrator is not mentioned in the book except two designers, so I guess the illustrator is either R.Landermaine or Mr. Raffray ! 

mercredi 9 mai 2012

Piphagne written by L'oncle Sébastien aka Léon Chancerel

Here is a true story written by "L'Oncle Sébastien".
His real name was Léon Chancerel. Léon was a pioneer of youth theater in France in 1929.
I love this book but unfortunately the illustrator is unknown... If someone has any info... I'm all ears :)

Three Tall Tales illustrated by Helen Sewell in 1947 :)

A new crush !!! :D

Helen Sewell was born on June 27, 1896 at Mare Island in California.
She was a children's book illustrator and author. 
She studied at the Pratt Institute (including classes with Alexander Archipenko.)
She started her career in 1923 with a first publication and she continued to illustrated children's book throughout her life. She also created original drawings for Laura Ingalls Wilder's Little House books.
In 1955, Helen won the Caldecott honor for her book called The thanksgiving Story and illustrated several Newbery Honor novels. She died on February 24,1957 in New York leaving behind a multitude of beautifully illustrated books.

Karel en mienet written by Mariejte Witteveen and illustrated by Eddy Dukkers, circa 1950.

Karel en mienet is one of my favorite illustrated book. I'm still looking for Karel en mienet 2, if you have it and...