mercredi 10 décembre 2014

Vertelsels Uit Mayab, illustrated by Mrs Ivanovsky ! :)

Hi Everybody !                                                                 
I'm So sorry for my absence, it was a difficult year for me. 
I had a lot of health troubles and a lot of work but i'm back with a new look for MVA's site and i have hundreds of books to show you !!!! READY ?

Well, it was probably illustrated in the 40's by Mrs Ivanovsky.
I have a lot of Ivanovsky's book now but i'm still impressed by her talent...
I really like this color range it makes it very "graphic".
As she was very prolific, i'm not sure a lifetime will be enough to find all her books !!! :)
In any case, i'm very happy to come back & share books with you & i hope you'll enjoy it as much as me ! :)

Karel en mienet written by Mariejte Witteveen and illustrated by Eddy Dukkers, circa 1950.

Karel en mienet is one of my favorite illustrated book. I'm still looking for Karel en mienet 2, if you have it and...