lundi 7 janvier 2013

What makes an orchestra, written and illustrated by Jan Balet in 1959.

I know you're fond of this kind of graphism, me too, so i scanned especially for you this lovely book called "What makes an orchestra" written and illustrated by Jan Balet in 1959.
The book is full of adorable pictures and the double pages are gorgeous, please click on them to enlarge !!!

dimanche 6 janvier 2013

Toto se déguise ! Beautiful card !!! =)

I love it ! It was one of my Christmas gift :D
I had a crush when i saw it but i don't know who is the illustrator... :(
I have to frame it, it will be very pretty in my office =)

vendredi 4 janvier 2013

Le petit Chacal et le Crocodile illustrated by Simone Ohl in the 50's.

Here is a cute book written by Miss Sara Cone Bryand and illustrated by Simone Ohl.
This book is from the 50's but i don't know exactly when it was edited for the first time...
You can't see the typography and it's a pity because it's really great, it reminds me of the old Babar's book with a nice handwriting !!!
I like the shapes of the plants, it's very interesting how the leaves are drawing on the Croco with just a line on the pictures 11 and 12.
 I think i would never have thought to do this like that but it works ! 
50's were the golden age...
I know my scan is too small, i  have to invest in a bigger !!! :D

Oh i forgot something...


Karel en mienet written by Mariejte Witteveen and illustrated by Eddy Dukkers, circa 1950.

Karel en mienet is one of my favorite illustrated book. I'm still looking for Karel en mienet 2, if you have it and...