samedi 20 août 2011

Pistache et Dame Tartine by Noëlle Lavaivre, 1959 !

Noëlle Lavaivre was born in 1930 in Chamonix in France and works in Paris.
She still works as a designer in advertising and audio-visual and has made numerous generic animation for the television as well as a puppet tv show called "Les Patapluches".
She's an author and an illustrator of children books and crafts books.

This book is beautiful, i think it's one of the most crazy book that i've ever seen !
I like the choice of colors but what fascinates me most is the mix between drawings and food pictures... It works perfectly ! What an imagination !!! 

6 commentaires:

  1. Oh !!! My lovely fiancée and future wife offered me this amaing book !!!! ;)

  2. @ Emmanuel : Wow !!! Your have a very nice fiancée because this book is very hard to find :D
    @ Laura : You're welcome !!! I really like your blogs by the way :D

  3. I remember this book from my elementary school library in Ottawa,Canada.
    It was verz influential for me as i work in the animation industry.

  4. @ Jean : Oh ! Really ? It was the same book or an English version of it ? :)
    I'm very curious to know if an English version of this book exists.


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