samedi 30 juillet 2011

Une voiture m'a raconté written and illustrated by Alain grée.

Alain Grée is a fantastic illustrator. Its rich color palette always impresses me.
it's good to see that he influences many illustrators of today which I am one.
His drawings are always lovely, I'm very appreciative because I don't know if you knew that but Alain Gree lives on a sailboat !!!
Can you imagine???? This book was drawn on his boat where he lives with his wife ! What a life ! The sea is his passion.

Don't worry !!! His biography is coming soon ! :)
I first wanted to tell you about The Provensens because Alain Grée was influenced by Alice and Martin! Yes, he is :)

Enjoy these photos and if you're interested by this book, you can buy it on Etsy here :

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